Phaedon A. Michael & Co LLC is a law firm based in Cyprus and is specialising in all aspects of Cyprus Corporate, Commercial, Tax and Trust Law. In association with international and local audit firms, our firm tailors a full package of services. What differentiates the Firm from the most of other Cyprus law firms is the concentration upon and solely on the business side of the law, and by matter of choice does not litigate and neither arbitrating to resolve disputes. The philosophy which the firm was built on is the one following the global trend of investment into and via Cyprus and other jurisdictions driven by the favourable Tax regimes.

The ordinary course of business of the firm includes advising on international financing structures through Cyprus companies counselling the lenders or accordingly the borrowers. The Firm is dealing with any given corporate governance matter including at the beginning the incorporation of companies followed by the reporting and further with any complicate corporate matters including but not limited to rights and liabilities of a company’s shareholders and directors.

We represent our clients in their corporate actions giving emphasis and not limited to their corporation reorganisation, mergers and acquisitions, working closely with our domestic and foreigners associates to ensure the tax optimisation. Banking and financial services, venture capital manufacturing, energy markets and real estate are some more of the areas we expertise. The Firm may also undertake legal due diligence in connection with acquisitions involving Cyprus and foreign companies.

Within our clientele we are proud to have big international investment and commercial banks, international law firms as well as big organisations providing corporate services all over the world. Multinational corporations and high net worth individuals are part of our clientele giving us the ability to cross refer when requested.