Corporate Department

To ensure that all the companies we administer, are in compliance with all applicable laws of any given jurisdiction in which the said companies are registered and to ensure that company's statutory books and registers are maintained properly and all necessary filings are executed in a timely manner.

To make sure that our clients' objectives are met. The tight schedule of our clients is highly demanding therefore we ensure that all these demands are fully met. A deadline for the client is a deadline for us.

Our administration services consist of the following main activities:

Preparing and holding meetings of directors and shareholders in the companies' registered office or elsewhere may requested (provided that the companies' Articles of Association give the authority for shareholders and board meeting elsewhere other than at the company's registered office);

Preparing and arranging for certifications (notarisations) and legalization (apostille) of various documents within a short timeframe (one to two working days maximum);

Properly maintaining the statutory books and registers of the company;

Preparing and filing with the Registrar of Companies any necessary forms to notify the Registrar for any changes in the company structure and/or for any information necessary to be published;

Ordering the issue of various certificates from the Registrar of Companies;

Conducting full company searches at the Registrar of Companies;

Allocating and operating bank account(s) with either Cypriot or foreign banks and acting as the authorized signatories of the account(s) always with the client's prior consent.