Corporate Services

Our firm's Corporate Services Department by its team of specialists and lawyers deals with simple and complex corporate structures. Our experience and expertise allow us to advise our national and multinational clients and their entities based in Cyprus and offshore in any given simple and/or special matter. The firm acts as internal legal advisor to the companies we administer and provides solutions on any issue that may arise during the companies' ordinary course of business.

The firm has a substantial transactional and corporate experience and expertise with extensive international practice background. We consistently advise national and multinational corporations, financial institutions as well as governmental organisations.

Our administration and secretarial department provides our domestic and international clients with the following corporate services:

Directors Services

We are in a position to provide our clients with a corporate entity or a physical person (or both) to act as directors. The management and control doctrine requires the appointment, in the case where our client is not a Cyprus tax resident and wishes to join his/her company's board of directors, of one or more Cypriots to be appointed in such board.

Secretary Services

Our firm can also provide our clients with a corporate or individual secretary. The secretary of the company is always an experienced member of our firm. This way, we are enabled to prepare the Statutory Books and maintain the company's corporate registers in good standing.

Provision of Registered Address

By law the companies must maintain a registered office in which all the company’s constitutional documents will be kept with. The registered office is a prerequisite for the delivery of mail and other documents addressed to the company. All received documentation can either be forwarded to the beneficial owner or kept in the company's file for personal collection.

Provision of Nominee Shareholder(s)

Mainly for confidentiality reasons we can act as nominees on behalf of the beneficial owner of a company by holding his/her shares he/she owns in the company in trust. We can appoint either a corporate body or a physical person to act as being the register shareholder of the company. According to the pre-agreed Trust Deed we are entering with our client, we manage the company and exercise the rights and obligations of the company's general meeting always with the client's prior approval and consent. We treat all the information provided by the beneficial owner as strictly confidential.

Our appointment as nominee shareholders under the pre-agreed Trust Deed prohibits the disclosure of any information which relates the beneficial owner to any governmental and non-governmental institution, including the Registrar of Companies.

The personal details of the beneficial owner, however, will be required to open an account with either a Cypriot or a foreign Bank. However, this information will not be disclosed to any other institutions.

Administration and Secretarial Services

Our administration and secretarial team is constituted by a number of officers, each one specialized in a different field of practice.