In a rapidly growing world with knowledge and communication exceeding regional geographic boundaries, the accurate, reliable and honest legal services, are becoming more and more valuable and useful. Efficiency, trust and innovation is our vehicle in practice and the inspiration means of our firm, enabling us to meet the modern challenges and expectations in delivering proper legal services to our clients. Our firm, by our lawyers who are keen to service and provide high class services, deals with such challenges daily and efficiently. We utilize our network connections, knowledge and resources in order to meet our client's needs promptly, efficiently and effectively. Our firm is committed to quality of service, trust and respect to its clients and all people surrounding us.

All the up to date tools we use, ensure the high standard legal accountability and the proper delivery of our best legal services to our clients.

The frequent personal contact we have with our clients by paying frequent visits to their place of business puts us into their shoes helping us to understand their needs which of course are far beyond a simple draft of an agreement. We monitor the progress of our input which reflects to our clients' objectives accomplishment.

The provision of the most practical and innovating legal solutions leads us and our clients, to safe legal paths, securing our firm's and our client's interest. We believe that success of our clients is our own success. Success is measured through the long lasting, friendly, fruitful and prosperous relationship with our clients. Thank you very much for visiting our web page and we hope that this visit will be the beginning of our business but most of all friendly relationship.

Phaedon A. Michael,

Managing Director